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Auto trade: profit grows, you rest

Auto trade: profit grows, you rest

The trading strategy gives a stable profit, but there is no time to be constantly at the binary terminal? Or do you want to open options on several assets at once? Discover new features with Auto Trade from vfxAlert.

Connect to auto trade 

Auto Trade only works for PRO Ultimate accounts! The next step is connecting with QUOTEX broker. 

Options will be opened without the participation of the trader, so for testing select a demo account.

Auto option settings

We start by creating a trading preset. Next, it will be connected to the autotrader app.

It is not recommended to change the Expiration and Power settings. A minute expiration will quickly take a deposit on any strategy, as well as “weak” POWER values even on a 5 and 15 minute options.

The main thing is not the number of auto options, but how many of them will be in profit during the trading session.

In the app  settings, switch to "Auto trade". Our preset, binary options broker QUOTEX and option volume in money or a percentage of the current deposit.