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Less "noise", more trends on the M5 timeframe

Less "noise", more trends on the M5 timeframe

Market "noise" is the main problem of successful trading. How to understand this reversal or just a reaction to the news? Is big candle shadows an increase in volatility or market maker speculation? The first way to remove the "noise" is to increase the timeframe and option expiration. The next thing for any long option strategies is to install indicators that show the "true” trend.

Trading platform

Select a broker in the vfxAlert program, and register by E-mail/Password:

Select a demo account to test long options trading. We always do this before placing it on a real account. The strategy can also be used on M5-M15 timeframes. Then set the expiration of 10 candles. 

Trading strategy

This strategy for is simple, and accessible to novice traders - basic knowledge of trend indicators, and candlestick patterns is enough, and what is signal filtering.

Long option strategy characteristics: