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We trade price breakouts. Detailed Guide.

We trade price breakouts. Detailed Guide.

Combining breakouts approach with vfxAlert can improve your trading experience. It's suitable for traders at any experience level.

Set up vfxAlert

Download the vfxAlert app to receive real-time signals, an indispensable part of any breakout trading strategy. The application generates CALL and PUT signals based on a large amount of historical and statistical data. We use it as additional confirmation of our strategy. 

 1. To start trading, connect with the broker platform through the application using a special form. We trade with the Pocket Option. However, the strategy has shown itself to be good on the platform of other brokers. We remind you that the vfxAlert signals work in any country and with any broker. To add a broker to the platform, read the instructions in this article.

 2. Choose assets without additional hidden fees, amount and set up charts on the brokers platform. 
Optimal timeframes for analysis range from M1 to M5. Increased analysis period usually correlates with higher signal accuracy over time.

    Add technical indicators:
  • The Bollinger Bands with default settings indicate levels where prices might change direction. The upper line has a potential resistance level, while the lower one acts as a support level.
  • The 5-period and 20-period SMAs show the price trend. 

 3. Trading breakouts requires attention and moving fast to price changes. Open trades in one click on the broker's platform, we will use the quick button on the vfxAlert signals panel. To do this, set up the desired signal preset. In the screenshot below for filter settings.

Identifying Entry Points:

  • Breakout Up (Call Option): When the price crosses above the upper BB and the short-term MA crosses down through the long-term.

  • Breakout Down (Put Option): If the asset's price crosses below the lower BB and the short-term MA crosses down through the long-term one.