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Awesome MACD: simple binary option profit

Awesome MACD: simple binary option profit

For profit on binary options, you do not need very complex strategies. 2-3 proven technical instruments are enough, such as the Awesome Oscillator and MACD indicatory on the QUOTEX broker.

Awesome MACD trading strategy characteristics:

Type: Trend reversal or rollback

Timeframe: All 

Trading asset: Any currency pairs. The main requirement is a fixed (2-3 points) spread and no hidden fees.

Trading time: All Forex trading sessions.

Recommended expiration: From 5 minutes

Trading setting

Set the minute timeframe. The option amount is five percent of the current deposit, expiration is 5 minutes. On cross pairs, it is recommended to increase the expiration to 7-10 minutes. Do not change the amount of the option!

We don't change the settings of Awesome Oscillator and MACD indicator for QUOTES.

Trading signals

The strongest signal of the strategy will be the breakdown of the zero level of the oscillators. We are waiting a breakdown on two indicators. We do not open an option on one breakdown!