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Best Indicators for 1-Minute Chart: Boosting Your Trading with Software

Best Indicators for 1-Minute Chart: Boosting Your Trading with Software

A 1-minute chart requires a strategic blend of precision and efficiency. Professional traders use an arsenal of technical analysis indicators and cutting-edge trading software before open options.

When volatility is the name of the game, Bollinger Bands step into the spotlight. These bands encapsulate price movements, acting as dynamic levels of support and resistance. For the 1-minute trader, Bollinger Bands are indispensable for spotting potential breakout opportunities.

For the 1-minute charts, the RSI emerges as a beacon of momentum assessment. Traders can swiftly identify overbought or oversold conditions, aiding in quick decision-making amid rapid market fluctuations.

vfxAlert serves as the trusted companion, offering real-time confirmation of signals generated by technical indicators

Synergy of simple and best trading indicators and advanced software like vfxAlert can be a game-changer. 

Before trade begins by assessing the overall market condition. Look for currency pairs or assets with clear trends or periods of high volatility, as these conditions can amplify the effectiveness of the strategy. Fixed (2-3 points) spread and no hidden fees.

Call option when the price touches or penetrates the lower Bollinger Band and the RSI drops below 30.

PUT option when the RSI climbs above 70 and the price touches or crosses the upper Bollinger Band.

Confirm the signal using vfxAlert. To do this, open the dashboard and wait for the necessary conditions to be met by Summary

If all conditions are met open a trade in one click using the quick buttons on the vfxAlert signal panel.

Avoid opening options immediately after publication.  

Even on the 1-minute chart, RSI seldom reaches extreme zones. It may potentially cause missed opportunities. Look for alignment between moving averages and RSI moving in the same direction as a signal to open an option.

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