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Beta version of vfxAlert mobile application

Beta version of vfxAlert mobile application

The beta version of the vfxAlert mobile application was released. Now the trading signals became even more available. 


Main advantages of the mobile application

  • Signals are available anyplace and anytime. You can trade both at home and on the trip. All the instruments you need for mobile trading, which are available in the desktop version, are now on your smartphone.
  • You can trade both currency pairs and crypto pairs. Crypto trading is possible on weekends and holidays.
  • The quick access to signals. The bright design and intuitive interface thanks to which even the novice trader can understand the program. 
  • Technological effectiveness and maximally well-thought-out integration with mobile devices. vfxAlert adapts its products for smartphones to make trading as convenient as possible for traders. 

The mobile app is available for all users. However, the owners of PRO subscriptions can see the complete statistical data in the personal account. To get the PRO subscription you need to choose the necessary tariff in the personal account. Before acquiring the PRO version, practice on the free account. You will be able to get familiar with the trading app, understand how the trading instruments work, and try different strategies. After you understand how the application and analytical instruments function, you can start to work with the PRO version on the mobile trading platform.

The mobile version includes the same signals and trading instruments as the desktop one. These are trading indicators, online charts, economic calendar, signal history, signal power, heatmaps. Let's take a more detailed look at each of them.

Online-charts. On the chart, they can see the changes in the market in real-time. The trader can change the layout of the chart as he sees fit. He may choose the candlestick or bar chart, select the working timeframes and highlight the areas of interest. Also, he can add the different trading indicators on the chart.    

Trading indicators. These instruments help to define the trend and its reversal and to identify the most suitable moment to start the mobile trade. The indicators are necessary to build the trading strategy. In the vfxAlert mobile application, there is a huge number of various indicators: both the trend ones and the oscillators. 

Economic calendar. The economic calendar shows the main news of the market. Using the calendar trader stays informed on which currencies are expected to rise and which ones will lose in profitability.  

Signal history. Signal history displays the summary data on certain signal in different periods of time. In the trends, you can see how the type of signals was changing, what were the opening and closing prices, and on what number of points it was changed, what was the expiration time. This data allows the trader to identify the most accurate trading signals.

Signal power. This instrument allows you to identify the percentage of accurate signals with the current indications. The stronger is the power, the more accurate is the signal on the certain currency pair. Use this instrument to understand for which currency pairs it is better to open the option. 

Heatmaps. This instrument will show you the percentage of accurate signals in certain conditions. Analyzing the heatmaps you can understand in which timeframe it is better to open the option. 

There are no restrictions in the work of the trade mobile app. The trader can work on any device and in any place in the world.  

Read the instruction “How to install the vfxAlert mobile application”. The mobile version is available for the owners of Android, soon the possibility to download the mobile trading apps on IOS will appear.

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