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Free cryptocurrency signals from vfxAlert

Free cryptocurrency signals from vfxAlert

Cryptocurrencies have become a trend in 2020. Bitcoin continues to set historical highs, and TOP-10 currencies also provide an opportunity to earn interest per year. I want to make money, but what if there is no money for a large deposit? Answer: trade binary options using free binary options signals from vfxAlert.

Free live binary signals for cryptocurrencies are available immediately after installing program or downloading the Chrome browser extension.

Important: the main condition is that the percentage of profit on options is not less than 75-80%, otherwise it will be difficult to compensate for possible losses!

Signals can be used for additional confirmation of technical indicators in any binary option strategy. The opposite is also possible: the strategy or candlestick patterns confirm the vfxAlert. 

Cryptocurrencies are a volatile asset, especially within the day. Strong trends quickly turn into sideways movements with a width of 40-60 points. They can be traded from the boundaries of the price channel using «Crypto Reverse» binary signals.

For examples of deals with expiration of 5 minutes, see our video.

What is within the free signals?

Read more about trading binary signals structure in the section «How it works vfxAlert» and the most important limitations of free binary options signals:

  • The "Power" value is shown for only one signal out of four;

  • No information from «Heatmaps».

To remove the restrictions, you need to switch to the Pro-version , which have additional options on how to make money on a binary option:

  • The trader sees all the signal information. The combination of "signals + precise strategy of binary options" will allow you to see in time the moment when the "real" market starts to change.
  • Added an adaptive algorithm that analyzes the past statistics of options;
  • Adding your broker. Trade your deposit and strategies without leaving vfxAlert.
  • Sending signals to the Telegram channel for trading from mobile devices.
  • Signal filters and advanced statistics allow you to determine the most profitable assets on the market.

Like any other trading instrument free signals do not give a 100% guarantee of profit, you always need additional confirmation. You shouldn't ignore them either, they can really help:

  • Gain experience with the binary trading platform on a demo account. On a real account, the trading process is somewhat different from on demo account, but it is quite enough for initial testing.
  • Test your own ideas. Trading in financial markets is a highly individual process, but without comparison with someone else's opinion, it will be unsuccessful. Always watch how your own ideas compare with others - when most of the signals are against you, you need to change strategy.
  • Continue learning to trade. The vfxAlert website contains a description of strategies by which signals are determined. Such information can be very useful when creating and improving your own methods - learn binary option trading provides only general information, many technical tools now work completely differently from their authors. The combination "signals + strategy" will allow you to see in time the moment when the "real" market begins to change.

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