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How a trader's communication with himself affects the trading result

How a trader's communication with himself affects the trading result

The COVID-19 epidemic has shown that the lack of proper communication has become a major problem, both in politics and in everyday life. We spend more and more time on blogs, social networks, and less and less live communication.

In personal communication, you have to face problems that they are not able to solve; people refuse to accept things as they are; answer questions that can complicate an already difficult situation. Perhaps modern models of interpersonal communication leave an imprint, including on how we treat ourselves. 

Let's see how much the trader's communication with himself affects the preparation of a trading plan, how to make money on binary options, without which you can not even work on a demo account.

Thought influences action

Until we think how strongly thoughts affect our daily life, they flow like a river. Very often it turns out that these thoughts have a tendency to constantly scroll in the head, this can lead to unwanted or unforeseen actions. These include thoughts of this type:

  • If I am wrong, I will have to answer to the family or the investor;
  • If I act too soon or too late, I will miss a great opportunity;
  • What makes me think I'm right?
  • The last time it worked was when I broke my strategy for binary options rules.

Change the subject

Many of us are following their statements, because they have an idea of the consequences of the expression of thoughtless thoughts. If we do this in public, we will have to learn how to do it within ourselves in order to achieve better results. Below is an example of such control:

  • «I have improved my knowledge of technical analysis and my psychological state to achieve a better result. By continuing my training, I will be able to achieve more»;
  • «I am a good trader; my binary options trading signals are profitable because I follow a well-developed strategy. Everyday trading brings me new knowledge»;
  • In simpler words: «"Every day, every action I do, I get better as a trader and as a person»