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How to set up the vfxAlert filters

How to set up the vfxAlert filters

To start the binary options trading with vfxAlert signals, set the settings of filters: asset, algorithm, power, and expiration time. There are several types of filters.

If you want to trade one asset or two with a certain expiration time, go to the “Settings”, open the insert “Filters”. Here you can select the necessary asset, currency pair, algorithm, level of power, and expiration time. 

If you are used to trading all assets and algorithms, but you want to quickly remove the signals you don’t interested in currently, you can filter in the upper menu. In the upper menu, you can set the quick filtration by the type of asset (forex pairs or crypto pairs), algorithm, and expiration time. Now you see only the signals you need.

If you want to see the signals for only one currency pair, go to “Settings” and uncheck the currency pairs that you don’t need.