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List of advertising campaigns vfxAlert. July 2022

List of advertising campaigns vfxAlert. July 2022

This article provides a list of advertising campaigns vfxAlert for July and details all the conditions for participants.

The advertising campaigns specified in this article are organized by X-systems & services PC, which is the provider of vfxAlert trading signals for users who wish to purchase a PRO license for the vfxAlert software.

The terms of advertising campaigns and promotions are indicated in the description.

The provider recommends purchasing only licensed vfxAlert software to avoid the risks associated with harming the user's computer due to hacked software.

Advertising campaigns are not a call to invest and trade in financial markets. Participants independently decide on participation in advertising campaigns. By participating in campaigns, the user confirms that he is familiar with the terms of advertising campaigns and understands the risks associated with transactions in the financial market.

1. Promotion “Buy PRO “Test” for 1 month and get the second month for free”


PRO license "Test" is a professional subscription that gives the right to use the functionality of the vfxAlert application, namely, provides access to an unlimited number of binary signals, power signal and heatmaps, dashboards, the ability to work with any broker and create signal presets for a period of 30 calendar days.

A promotion is a type of advertising activity of a company and a tool for brand promotion among users. The purpose of the promotion is to introduce users to the company's product and increase user interest in the product.

The conditions of the Promotion are very simple: all users who have purchased a PRO license “Test” for 30 days are represented access to all application options, according to the terms of the PRO license “Test” for an additional 30 days.

Terms of Promotion:

  • The user needs to buy a PRO license “Test” in the period from 07/01/2022 to 07/31/2022.
  • Access to the PRO license is automatically activated after the completion of the transaction. A license key will appear in your personal account, which will provide access to the options of the vfxAlert application, according to the Test PRO license.
  • The free license "Test" is activated automatically upon expiration of the paid license. The license key will remain the same. 

This promotion is valid only for PRO license "Test" and does not apply to PRO licenses in Google Play and AppStore.

When purchasing a PRO license at a personal discount, the Promotion is not valid.

PRO license "Test" is activated only on the account from which the purchase was made. If the license key or account data (login and password) for which the purchase was made are transferred to another user, the PRO license will be blocked.

2. Competition “Win PRO license “Test” for 1 month”

Contest is a competition held on Instagram in the official vfxAlert account, the purpose of which is to select the winners from among its participants.

Account is an Instagram profile that belongs to a real person.

Post is an informational publication posted by users on the social network Instagram.

Like is a conditional expression of approval of the material, user, photos, expressed by pressing one button.

Repost is a type of activity in social networks when one user or page shares a post of another user or page with or without comments.

Stories is a function on Instagram for uploading photos and short 15-second videos, where after posted posts are automatically deleted after 24 hours.

vfxAlert launched a contest only for subscribers of the vfxAlert account on the Instagram social network. Users must fulfill all the conditions of the competition in order to be able to participate in the final selection of winners.

Terms of the contest “Win PRO Test for 1 month for free”:

  • Contestants must be a subscriber of the vfxAlert Instagram account @signals_vfxalert;
  • Like the post about the competition;
  • Tag another subscriber in a comment on this post;
  • Repost the post with the contest to your Stories with a link to vfxAlert account.

* Contestants can leave any number of comments.

** 1 comment = 1 subscriber.

*** Subscriber accounts must have at least 100 followers.

**** The Stories must contain a link to the vfxAlert account. This link helps to see the Stories of participants and keep track of reposts in Stories that disappear after 24 hours, in order to control the fulfillment of all conditions by users.