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Making money on intuition

Making money on intuition

´╗┐When it comes to how to make money on binary options using intuition as a confirmation signal, there is no consensus. Some argue that it is generally impossible to trade without it, while others ardently defend the point of view that intuition has no place in trading.

Intuition is a very interesting thing, everyone knows what it is, but when you ask for an explanation, there are difficulties. What is intuition? The Sixth Sense? The voice of God? Subconscious?

´╗┐Psychologists give this definition. Intuition is flair, insight, direct understanding of truth without logical justification, based on imagination, empathy and previous experience.

It is the last phrase - previous experience that is often overlooked by opponents of intuition in trading. Arguing that intuition has no place in trading, they emphasize that binary options can only be earned by using a systematic approach. Indeed, if you trade according to the system, there are clearly defined rules, then you cannot afford to listen to what your inner voice tells you, you need to follow the signals!

Sometimes there is a signal, you need to open a deal, but something inside tells - no, no. As a result, you open the option and get a loss - the internal voice was right. Isn't that a reason to think? No! Next time there will be a similar situation; you will not open a deal and do not get a profit, because your internal voice was wrong. To use only intuition, if you trade on strategy and money management, when there are clear rules on entry, is absolutely wrong. Doubts begin in every binary option trading signals, as a result, nothing good will happen.

However, with time and practice, any trader becomes uncomfortable with trading only using the binary options strategy. It is getting harder and harder to ignore this inner voice because its prompts are more and more correct. Why it happens? The point is that traders spend hours, days and weeks watching the market and price movements. Our brain perceives much more information than we are able to consciously perceive and remember.

The brain stores this information somewhere deep in the depths of consciousness. And so, evaluating the next top binary option signals or candlestick pattern, this information appears in our minds under the guise of that very inner voice. This is only at first glance, it seems that there are no visible reasons; they are, only are hidden from us. Therefore, it turns out that intuition can and should be used after you gain experience, that is, after 1-2 years of trading practice.

Summarize. There is not a single successful and professional trader who does not use intuition to understand how binary options signals work. Automatic advisors are perfect for this. A professional trader has a list of setups that he trades, but each trade requires a separate, careful consideration, including intuitive. This is called the discretionary approach, which everyone can learn.

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