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Mobile vfxAlert: making money on Ethereum

Mobile vfxAlert: making money on Ethereum

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency by capitalization after Bitcoin. The asset shows stable trends, volatility without sudden changes, scalping can be used. As always, the best binary options signals show classic technical indicators.

Binary strategy characteristics:


TimeframeAny in the range M1-M5. In our case, M1 is used, but with an increasing period of analysis, the accuracy of the signal an increasing.

Trading assetAny crypto asset. The main requirement is a fixed (2-3 points) spread and no hidden fees.

Trading time24 hours / 7 days a week.

Percentage premium option: Not less than 70-75%.

Used indicators

The strategy uses two technical indicators:

  • Exponential Moving Average (EMA) with periods 15.  Trend indicators by which we determine the opening point of the option. The binary strategy is not intended for trading during flat periods. We trade only if the range is between at least 15-25 points!
  • Williams Percent Range (Williams %R). Moving Average must necessarily be confirmed by oscillator indicating an overbought condition when buyers can no longer move the price up, or oversold where there is almost no one in the market to sell at lower prices.

After installing the binary indicator on charts, we look at the examples of signals:

Trading binary options signals:

  • CALL - option. The price is below the Moving Average. The oscillator is in the oversold zone (below level 20) or turns up.
  • PUT - option. Opposite conditions: The price is above the Moving Average. The oscillator is in the overbought zone (above level 20) or turns down.

Open a trade on the next candle after binary signals. The time of expiration of options has to be not less than 5-7 minutes even if as a working timeframe it is chosen of minute, as in our video.

Recommendations about use …

  • Exponentials Moving Averages is good at defining the current trend, but should only be used with oscillators. The reliability of signals can be increased by going to a longer timeframe. But on the minute live binary signals strategy gives 70-80% of the right signals.
  • If the broker gives the option to close the option before the expiry, we do it (even if it is in profit!) when the opposite signal appears-repeated reverse crossing of the moving average or Williams chart %R changes direction.
  • See the terms of the trading platform. If the spread is more than 3 points, there may be problems with the expiration binary signal. If the option ends near the opening level, you can get a loss where there should be a profit.
  • Bitcoin will be the basis of any best binary options trading signals. First of all, we look at it, even if it is an index. Other currencies, even if they are moving behind it with a delay. The exception to Ethereum is the opposite trend, rollbacks, and corrections. This is usually the case when publishing important events about the currency, speculative actions are short-term and almost do not occur.


The strategy has shown stable profits on other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Monero. There are more false signals on AltCoins with small capitalization and high volatility. Here you need to supplement the classic combination "trend indicator and oscillator" with a volume indicator or auto binary signals software.

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