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OTC Forex from Pocket Option - make money on the weekend

OTC Forex from Pocket Option - make money on the weekend

Forex closed on weekends, but there is a good alternative to rest. Let's make extra money using OTC signals for PocketOption.

Trading platform

In the vfxAlert application, select the PocketOption broker and connect the account by E-mail/password.

We test the strategy on a demo account using Forex OTC signals. This is a prerequisite before installing a strategy on a real account.

What is OTC?

It's simple: if MARKET Forex quotes are determined by the actions of market makers and other traders (the market "crowd"), then ONLY PocketOption BROKER sets the value and direction of OTC. A logical question - if everything depends on the broker, is it possible to make money on them? Answer: yes, you can make money on OTC signals. How to do this, read on.

Read more about OTC signals for PocketOption:

 1. Work on weekends when the Forex market is closed.

 2. All standard technical indicators and strategies can be used. There are no strong reactions to the publication of     fundamental events (there are almost none at the weekend). This makes trading easier for beginners.

 3. Technical patterns are also practiced correctly. For example, Fibonacci levels: you can open the LOWER option     after each breakout of the level.

 4. Candlestick signals for Pocket Option are quite reliable. Especially reversal ones if they are near strong levels     (the same Fibonacci).

 5. You can trade on both Free and Pro (recommended) accounts.

OTC PocketOption strategy data:

 Type:  Scalping.

 Timeframe:  M1-M5.

 Trading asset:  All currency pairs. The main condition is a stable (2-3 points) spread and no hidden fees, especially   on cross pairs.

 Trading time:  weekend.

 Optimal expiration:  5-7 min.

In the strategy, we work on three basic technical indicators:

  • Awesome Oscillator (AO). This oscillator will be the last confirmation of the option signal. You can trade additional signals in the middle of the zones above and below zero - in this case, the Williams Magic Oscillator can watch the onset of oversold / overbought.
  • MACD (6, 12, 9). Works on the Moving Average and works as a trend and oscillator instrument. It will be the second signal of a new option after Stochastic.
  • Stochastic (basic setting). The first signal showing a change in the balance between buyers and sellers: above the 80 level, the uptrend (overbought) ended, below the 20 level, the downtrend reversal (oversold).

Trading signals for PocketOption:

  • Higher (CALL). On the uptrend chart. Awesome and MACD above zero. Stochastic is above or in the overbought zone.
  • Lower (PUT). Opposite condition: downtrend on the chart. Stochastic down or oversold. MACD and Awesome are below zero.
  • It is recommended to stay on the minute and five-minute timeframe. On longer periods, the accuracy of the signals decreases.

Example OTC signals for PocketOption

The image shows an example of having all the strategy conditions for a Lower option.