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Signal and strategies examples

Signal and strategies examples

 Candlestick patterns.

VfxAlert signals do not require the installation of indicators on the chart.


1. A weak signal at vfxAlert and several successively opposite candlestick patterns. Sideways movement in the market, open only barrier or range options;

2. If a trader sees a “Doji” reversal pattern, a trade can already be opened. A strong vfxAlert signal confirmed PUT-option.

3. Maximum signal strength (parameter "Power") - the beginning of a strong downtrend. Open an option after each Three Metod pattern.

Bill Williams indicator.

Available in all trading terminals, they belong to the category of "classic indicators".


1. Two indicators show the beginning of a long downtrend, confirmation from vfxAlert with reversal signals on two timeframes. The trader follows the trend and opens a PUT-option after local pullbacks and consolidations.

2. Awesome Oscillator breaks through the zero level from bottom to top; a strong vfxAlert reversal signal confirms the CALL-option.

3. Moving Average of trend Alligator shows strong uptrend, reversal CCI signal confirms CALL-option.

1. Fibonacci levels.

The "classic" levels of the restatement trend work on all trading assets.


1. Open option only after breaking through the 38.2% and 50% Fibonacci levels. We look at the breakdown confirmation by the "Power" and "Header" values of the vfxAlert signal: here it is enough to open a trade.

2. If the signal is “weak”, as in the picture, the trader must confirm vfxAlert and the breakout of the Fibonacci level. For example, the MACD oscillator: the histogram is above the zero level, you can open an option.

The "Channel indicator + Oscillator" strategy.

Channel indicators work well in a sideways market with a range of 20-30 points.