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VfxAlert signals with Bill Williams indicators

Any financial asset 70-80% of the trading day moves inside ranges of various widths and only 20-30% of the time strong and directional movements are observed, where you can make a good profit. But the main problem of how to make on binary options is in determining the moment when the trend starts because any technical indicator has a lag, which cannot be completely eliminated. One of the solutions to this problem will be Bill Williams' Alligator and Awesome Oscillator indicators for stable profit even in modern high-frequency (HFT) trading conditions.

Let's start with trendy ones, see examples of binary signals vfxAlert.

In the figure on the left, all the conditions for the CALL-option. Strong vfxAlert signals, all Alligator indicator below price and uptrend.

On the right chart are flat, all indicators and binary trading signals vfxAlert indicate its continuation. What should a trader do? Answer: skip the signal.

We always start binary options signals combination "vfxAlert live binary signals + Williams indicators" on a demo account. You only receive recommendations and must make sure that they fit your strategy, trading session and trading style.

Reversal real binary options signals vfxAlert.

The first signal is the crossing of the Awesome Oscillator of the zero levels and confirmation from the RSI on the vfxAlert signal. Two oscillators show uptrend and you can open the CALL-option.

In the second image, the sideways market for the GBP / JPY currency pair. Everything points to this: the price chart, the Awesome Oscillator and vfxAlert with «weak Power». Trader passes the signal.

Two vfxAlert signals with Williams indicators.

Classic strategy based on two indicators and confirmation from two timeframes (for GBP / USD, a reversal for 5 and 15 minutes). The trader constantly monitors the open options. When the opposite binary options signal, we close positions or open new ones as on GBP / USD.