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Vortex Strategy for Binary Options Trading

Vortex Strategy for Binary Options Trading

Identify the direction of the market trend and follow this trend - a simple Vortex strategy for binary options. This indicator for trading consists of two lines - positive (plus) and negative (minus). They help identify upward and downward trends. 

For better accuracy and fewer mistakes, vfxAlert signals for binary options can be handy. Let's see how to use vortex indicator strategy with vfxAlert free signals.

After installing the app on your computer, connect to brokers that are built into the application. This approach works on platforms offered by many popular brokers. It is user-friendly and suitable for traders with different levels of experience.

In the free vfxAlert app, you can filter signals based on their type. Select trending signals that indicate the desired expiry time.

Select the Vortex indicator on the chart and the asset you want to trade. We trade currency pairs GBPUSD and USDJPY. These assets have full functionality on the trading software for free. And we can instantly open trades with one-click.  Accessible heatmaps and power for these pairs help quickly assess trade reliability.

Switching charts is convenient using a quick button on the signal panel. To monitor trade profitability, press the "Profit" quick button.

Trading Signals:
  • Call Option: The plus line crosses the minus line from bottom to top, indicating an uptrend. Confirm with the vfxAlert call signal.
  • Put Option: The plus line crosses the minus line from top to bottom, indicating a potential of downtrend. Confirm with the vfxAlert put signal.

Binary options trading tips:

  • For reliability, choose signals with a power of at least 3 bars. Analyze heatmaps values ​​for the nearest timeframes relative to the expiration time. For an expiration time of 1 minute, analyze values ​​on M1, M5 - mandatory, M15 - desirable. M30, H1, H4 - can be ignored.
  • The vortex strategy is not intended in flat periods. Trade only if the range is within 15-25 points!
  • Always check that the conditions haven't changed when opening a one-click trade, especially for scalping. It could lead to errors.
  • During the release of important fundamental news and statistics, avoid opening options 30 minutes before and after the news. 

To expand your trading opportunities, you can purchase a PRO account from vfxAlert:

  • Connect any broker.
  • Set detailed filters.
  • Access heat maps and power for all signals generated by vfxAlert.
  • For confirmation of any binary options strategies, use adaptive signals.
  • Test strategies on a demo account with auto trading. Available for Pro Ultimate.

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