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Major currency pairs. Part 1: Europe and America

Major currency pairs. Part 1: Europe and America

The problem of choosing a trading asset is well known to novice traders who view the list of possible trades in binary signal software. Of course, you can make a steady profit anywhere-from stocks to futures and options. However, if you are at the very beginning of your career and you do not have enough experience with complex financial instruments, then the best solution is to choose the main currency pairs.

These percentages are averaged and are for informational purposes only!


The main currency pair, which accounts for up to 30% of the volume of transactions on the Forex market and the number of real binary options signals.

Together with the US dollar, the EC currency is the basis of the financial flows of the stock and foreign exchange markets. In addition to spot contracts, all types of financial instruments are presented in euros: currency futures, options, derivatives, shares in ETF funds, stock exchange indices in Europe. EUR / USD also affects Asian pairs, therefore, all traders should be able to understand its movement.

Fundamental factors

There is a big volume of analytics, economic statistics and other data of the Eurozone, based on which you can make high-quality forecasts for all EUR assets in addition to free binary signals. US indicators, changes in commodity markets, the actions of large banks also have an impact. Their detailed consideration is beyond the scope of the article; we will pay attention only to the following factors:

• Speeches of the head and decisions of the European Central Bank (ECB) are basic news that can fully reverse the current trend, not to mention speculative actions on quarterly and annual reports.

• GDP (Gross National Product) data, inflation, employment, and stock indices of EU countries, such as German DAX, do not have a significant effect. Preliminary data rarely differ from forecasts; market reactions are usually worked out before they are released. An exception when preliminary data are subject to significant revision then there may be short-term surges in the EUR / GBP and EUR / JPY cross pairs.

Technical analysis and binary option strategy

As the most basic Euro currency pair, all brokers have minimal spreads and maximum accuracy of quotes (up to tick ones). The maximum activity falls on the European session, but on the cross EUR/JPY you can get stable profits in the Asian period.

Trade features:

• All assets that include the Euro work well with technical and candle-light patterns. Any exact binary options strategy can be applied: trend, scalping, hedging, break/rebound range, support/resistance levels, and others. But on medium- and long-term transactions it is better to focus on trending options - to change direction requires strong fundamental data, usually for the worse;

• There are only two strong correlations: gold and oil (Brend, WTI);

• Almost half of the Euro's trading volume is accounted for by cross-pairs, the most significant of which is EUR/GBP (Euro/Pound sterling): stable volatility of 70-80 points combined with small spreads allows you to use trading binary signals even on scalping.


Statistics on the impact on the Forex market are quite contradictory, but if you take the average values, the daily turnover is at least 9-11% of the total volume.

The fact that one of the leading world economies did not join the Eurozone created a unique situation in the foreign exchange market - a counterweight to EUR/USD with high liquidity appeared.

Fundamental factors

The Brexit referendum, even though it caused a sharp fall in the pound and a General imbalance in the movement of major currency pairs, free binary trading continues and significant fundamental events remain unchanged:

• Bank of England (BOE) actions. The main news is the interest rate level, which can be revised after preliminary publication. The speeches of important people usually do not cause strong movements.

• GDP (gross national product). It is calculated monthly and can be published three times (preliminary, revised, and final). Therefore, the reaction of the pound and the main currency pairs is usually delayed.

• Secondary data: business activity index, unemployment rate, consumer interest and retail sales indices.

Technical analysis and binary signals

Synchronous movement of the pound and the Euro, even if it is delayed, continues to be the basic principle of technical analysis of the pair. Liquidity continues to be high throughout the trading day, not just in the European session.

Volumes continue to be supported by the actions of the ECB and BOE, option and commodity futures and speculative actions of former colonies in the Asian region at the time of the release of significant news and reporting. GBP / USD are also actively used in the swap and hedged transactions.

The best results are shown by medium- and long-term strategies and intraday scalping. Breakout/Rebound methods from price levels give a large number of false signals!

Cross-pairs with GBP work similarly to the Euro, as a careful analysis of the second asset, is always required.


Daily 4-% of the total Forex volume

Despite its small volumes, the Swiss franc is not inferior to other major currency pairs in its importance in the foreign exchange market and is popular on all binary trading platforms. The stability of the economy and the centuries-old reliability of the banking sector has attracted investors and USD/CHF continues to be the most reliable “currency refuge”.

Fundamental factors

Until May 15, 2015, the pair were tied to the EUR / USD movement, and the sudden cancellation of the currency corridor led to an increase of 20-30% compared to other major currency pairs, which led to an imbalance of not only the currency but the entire European stock market. Then there was a correction to a fairer price, followed by an uptrend, which has been periodically observed so far.

The National Bank of Switzerland (SNB) has a zero and negative interest rate policy to maintain external investment and low inflation. In addition to the SNB data, significant news and statistics on the Us have an impact on the course.

Technical analysis and strategies

The trend for USD/CHF is smooth without sudden movements, which makes it possible to effectively use all the basic graphical and technical patterns to confirm auto binary signals. Using the appropriate strategies for each session you can make a profit all day!

USD/CHF trading features:

• The main problem is a periodic movement in a narrow range with a subsequent resumption of the trend. Therefore, we close the position if there is no obvious movement for 5-7 bars or top binary options signals;

• After the cancellation of the currency corridor, the price moves in the range indicated in the figure, and so far there are no prerequisites for overcoming it. Therefore, we trade for a rebound, which is more likely;

• Swiss frank has pronounced seasonal changes that can be incorporated into long-term strategies.

Examples of how binary options signals:

• VfxAlert strategies for beginners

• «Dynamic»: 5 minute strategy for binary options

• Heiken Ashi: one indicator strategy for binary options

• «3 EMA + Stochastic»: 5 minute strategy for binary options


According to various sources, 5-7% of the daily market.

The Canadian dollar is the main currency pair in the Americas. The stable political situation, the predictable monetary policy of the Central Bank and the large volume of statistics for detailed analysis and high-quality forecasts make it attractive to binary options traders.

Political stability and transparency of monetary policy make the Canadian dollar attractive to traders who, in addition to technical training, have strong fundamental analysis skills. A large amount of information and relevant statistics on CAD provides the basis for multivariate analysis and allows you to make a complete forecast

Fundamental factors

First of all, our economy has an impact on quotes, since before the crisis of 2007-2009 there was a clear inverse correlation with US dollar, which often does not take into account free live binary signals. Main parameters: the difference between the interest rates of the Central Bank of Canada and the Federal Reserve System (FRS), the volume of GDP, the level of employment and business activity, political statements.

Further up the price of oil. In addition to traditional (light) oil, there are large deposits of bituminous (heavy) oil that require large labor and energy resources for processing. Canada was able to solve this problem and the export of raw materials outside the region.

Economic stability is provided by the special status of a "haven currency", such as the Swiss franc. Therefore, with periods of instability, capital from other major currency pairs begins to move to Canada, strengthening the exchange rate.

Technical analysis and strategies

The pair is considered quite technical, the main strategy is medium and long-term trending due to frequent false breakdowns at non-American (where the largest volume) trading sessions.

Also, consider the following:

• Even though almost 60% of transactions are in the main asset, cross-rates with CAD can also give good profits, even with scalping. It is better to trade short-term binary options forex signals in the European (EUR / CAD, GBP / CAD and CHF / CAD) and Asian (AUD / CAD and CAD / JPY) sessions. There may be speculative impulses of 90-120 points; therefore, strict money management is required;

• The Canadian dollar is a clear confirmation of the fact that any correlations are temporary phenomena in the current rapidly changing global economy. The country is in the TOP 10 for production of industrial precious and non-ferrous metals, but this does not affect on USD/CAD. The exclusion of oil and oil products;

In the second part of the article, read how to learn binary options trading on major currency pairs in the Asian region.

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