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New vfxAlert: more profit for traders

New vfxAlert: more profit for traders

1. Options on TradingView indicators

Binary options brokers provide traders with a limited set of analysis tools on their platforms. You have to use additional software, such as the MetaTrader trading terminal. The new version of vfxAlert does not need to do this; it has a full set of tools from the popular online platform TradingView


Market analysis and decision-making will be done through TradingView, we use the broker's platform only for opening options. The figure shows two examples of non-standard tools:

• British pound vfxAlert trend signal with confirmation from the Keltner channel indicator.

• Bollinger Bands% shows that the EUR / GBP currency pair has turned up from the lower Bollinger band. There is no need to set a "classic" indicator and occupy the chart with unnecessary lines.

2. Adaptive signals and Fibo replacement

Fibonacci tools belong to top binary options signals. TradingView allows you to fully adjust the correction or extension levels for the current market or timeframe.


A situation when two adaptive signals appeared at a market reversal. To determine exactly when to open an option on the Fibo Retracement chart. We open the second option only if after breaking through the level of 1.17 there is a signal with an expiration of 15 min. We skip signals when the price is above 1.618 levels!

3. Trading correlation

All currency pairs are divided into two groups: direct quotation in which the first is the US dollar (USD / CAD, USD / JPY) and inverse (EUR / USD, GBP / USD). Within a group, pairs move synchronously, albeit with a delay (direct correlation), from different to opposite ones (inverse correlation), which is considered more reliable.


TradingView allows you to use multiple charts at the same time without having to open additional tabs in the binary options platform. You can quickly see if there is a correlation and decide to open a trade or stay out of the market.

A good confirmation will be the presence of opposite signals on vfxAlert, as shown in the figure: a trend CALL for the euro and a reversal PUT for the Canadian dollar. An option can be opened for any pair.

4. «Speedometer indicator»

Read more about how the indicator works in our blog, here we will show how "Speedometer" can replace oscillators in binary options strategy with Moving Average.


We use a set of Sample Moving Average (SMA) with a different number of periods to see the situation simultaneously for several timeframes. Period values for the selected currency pair can be found on the Internet or take a ready-made indicator, such as "Rainbow Moving Average".

When the price is above all SMA's, this is the first CALL-signal. The Speedometer should be in the “green” zone, vfxAlert finally confirms options opening. Reverse trading binary signals for PUT-option (see image).

5. Speedometer for cryptocurrencies

Unlike the stock market and Forex, cryptocurrencies are practically independent of fundamental events and are well traded with technical exact binary option strategies.


Install three "Speedometers" for the BTC / USD pair: less (1 min) and more (15 min) of the working timeframe (M5). The signal will be the presence of all indicators in one zone: red for PUT-option, green for CALL-option. This is an analogue of the well-known strategy "Elder's three screens", which is in all courses where you can learn binary options trading. We confirm the signal by vfxAlert and select the expiration.

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