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Which you trader?

Which you trader?

Training courses and websites on how to make money on binary options focus on the study of technical and fundamental analysis, the features of trading platforms. All this knowledge is useful, but as in all spheres of human activity, the basis of everything in psychology. Before opening the first trade, let's define your psychological portrait as a trader.

For each question, select from four options the statement that best suits you:

What is the purpose of your trade?  

1. Receiving additional income for current consumption;

2. Preservation and accumulation of savings for the future;

3. Reinvestment in new trade (capitalization of funds);

4. Accumulations on large purchases (real estate, car, etc.).

What are expectations from binary options signals?

1. I'd like to get more than Bank percent. At the same time, I am willing to take risks and understand that my expectations may not be met;

2. Receiving any additional income;

3. Earning income at the level of bank percent and inflation;

4. I am interested in the process of financial trading.

Investing your money feel comfortable under the conditions:

1. Act quickly, using the capacities;

2. At the same time, be able to help other people;

3. When there is a clear financial plan;

4. Profitably trade on your strategy;

When you feel a strong trend on a trading asset:

1. Great excitement on the verge of recklessness;

2. Enthusiasm, inspiration;

3. Joy, while not losing control of yourself;

4. Only calm and following of binary options strategy: the market can turn around at any time.

What part of the funds is willing to risk?

1. Controlled losses are allowed provided the future returns are high;

2. I will consult with friends and make a collective decision;

3. Risk is unacceptable to me;

4. Open an option no more than 10% of the current Deposit;

In your own time prefer:

1. Take a favourite hobby;

2. Helping people who need it;

3. Make plans for the future;

4. Calculate and analyze how binary options signals work.

When it comes to your own money, you tend to:

1. Wait for a good moment for the transaction;

2. Don't forget about humanity and compassion;

3. Follow the rules of strategy;

4. I will be careful.

Consider that the trader is successful if:

1. Not afraid to risk any amount;

2. Uses his money to help society;

3. Economical and responsible;

4. Thinks independently.

When opening a transaction, you are guided by:

1. Intuition;

2. Tips from professionals and binary options signals;

3. Facts and statistics;

4. Logic;

    Having earned the required amount, we would like to devote our lives to:

    1. Travel;

    2. Self-improvement;

    3. Family;

    4. Favourite hobby.

    If you win the lottery, you will most likely spend on:

    1. Entertainment;

    2. Charity;

    3. I will invest again in trading;

    4. Purchase of material assets.

    Appreciate people who:

    1. Show generosity;

    2. You are admired;

    3. You are grateful;

    4. Listen to your opinion.

    Tell a friend who has lost a lot of money on binary option sites:

    1. It happens. After some time you can make up for the losses;

    2. If you believe in your trading strategy, continue to follow it, and the profit is sure to be;

    3. Before you open, you have to think carefully about your steps;

    4. Don't trust when the market looks too good at first sight.

    What kind of job do you choose for yourself in a financial company (assuming equal income?)

    1. Sales Manager;

    2. Customer Service Manager;

    3. Executive Director;

    4. Marketing Director.

    Most confident when there is an opportunity:

    1. Adapt to changing market conditions;

    2. To be yourself;

    3. Feel the respect of others;

    4. To comply with the consistency and accuracy of how to make money on binary options.

    When investing, I will manage the money as follows:

    1. Most of the financing is invested in trade;

    2. I will put most of the money in the bank; otherwise, they traded binary options;

    3. Fixed assets will be placed in the bank;

    4. Invest a little more in options than in a bank.

    Financial advisers and paid binary signal services like vfxAlert are trustworthy?

    1. Agree;

    2. Probably not;

    3. Rather yes;

    4. I do not agree.

    Choose the most appropriate statement for you:

    1. But without risk, no success;

    2. I can take a chance, but I can always stop;

    3. Better a bird in the hand than a crane in the sky;

    4. Measure seven times, cut once.

    Look, which numbers are more in the answers more and determine your type of attitude to money:

    1. Adventurer.

    You are likely said that the talent of the trader is the ability to predict what will happen tomorrow or in a year, and then explain why it did not happen. There is a gift of foresight, although intuition sometimes fails. Easily and confidently risk. Not enough discipline, so long-term plans are not for you, it's boring to do.

    There is a gift to feel the market move, but reinforce your intuitive forecasts with technical and fundamental analysis, analysts' opinion and binary options trading signals. No risk, do not give in to the excitement, open positions for no more than 10% of the Deposit.

    2. Idealist.

    Money is not the main thing in life, and most importantly - friends and relationships. Most likely, with any decisions, you trust your friends more and donate the money you earn to charity. Perhaps it is better to entrust the funds to the management of professionals and to save a certain amount on a monthly basis? Minimal attention to finance will allow you not to lose all your capital.

    3. Realist.

    Careful in everything related to finances. For him, saving is much more important than multiplication. Disciplined and patient, gladly organizes the trading process, plans and distributes money. Profit prefers to accumulate, rather than spend. You would prefer a bank deposit with a stable, albeit low income.

    No need to be afraid. You are the kind of person who trades either cautiously or not at all. However, remember that bank deposits do not give a 100% guarantee either. You can allocate some of the funds that are willing to take risks and invest them in other financial assets.

    4. Rational.

    Only calculation. Calm, balanced, interested in maintaining capital, rarely mistaken in forecasts and moderately gambling. The spirit of adventurism sometimes wakes up between fixed percentages, but you retain control of yourself. The main drawback is complete confidence in one's own ideas, and a person can become a hostage to his own infallibility. A dynamic and often unpredictable market easily overtakes such traders.

    Keep yourself in control. You make exact binary options strategy, but have difficulty implementing them. And spend the money as if you are solving a strategic task, although there is an opportunity to relax and have fun. You may try to outwit everyone, but the unpredictability of the market is a very serious factor! Always follow the rules of the strategy. Emotions do not belong when solving financial issues!

    Most of us are characterized by a combination of different traits, but one of them is predominant. Observation of several generations of traders has shown that everyone can earn. It is important to use your advantages correctly and choose a comfortable trading style and binary options strategy.

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