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New vfxAlert features

New vfxAlert features

vfxAlert improves the application and makes binary trading even more convenient and easier. A big update of the vfxAlert application has been released, directed at simplifying the trading process.

Don't waste time switching between the tabs of analytical programs and the broker platform. Trade and analyze the market in one application.

What's new?

Convenience with a broker

Market analysis and trading in one application became available with the integration of a broker's platform into the vfxAlert application. This functionality greatly simplifies the registration, analysis, forecasting and trading on different platforms (analytics, signals, broker). 

Connect with your broker to effectively use all the features of the application.

One click trading

This function allows you to open a position on the selected Forex asset with one click from the signal panel. Use one-click trading to save time and react quickly to changes on the trading chart. 

Confirm your strategy by the signal and open a position by clicking on the quick button on the signal panel. 

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How to use vfxAlert?

vfxAlert is a simple binary options trading app that allows you to:

    -  look at market fluctuations at the moment,

    -  make a forecast of the price movement in the future,

    -  open positions on the broker's platform.

vfxAlert is not an automatic trading bot, it is a set of tools for analysis and trading, where the trader independently controls the indicators and makes a decision.


A tool for predicting price movement is a signal with heatmaps and power. See signal structure:

    1. Asset. Analyzed currency pair.

    2. Price. Current price when a signal appears (for adaptive algorithms - the opening price of the current candle).

    3. Time. Since the appearance of the signal (for adaptive algorithms the time since the last update).

    4. Expiration. Recommended expiration time.

    5. Algorithm. Signal generation algorithm.

    6. Signal. CALL or PUT.

    7. Power. Historical winning percent.

    8. Heatmap. Shows the statistical winning percentage calculated for the values of the technical indicator on a                 different timeframe. Read instructions on how to use heatmaps and signal power

    9. Open chart. Opens a chart in the broker window for the selected asset.

    10. Set on dashboard. Opens dashboard tools for analyzing the market at the moment for the selected asset.

    11. Open position. Opens a position on the selected asset on the broker's platform.

Dashboard indicators are a tool for analyzing and evaluating the market at the moment. All dashboard indicators are based on a large amount of data, which is collected based on real market fluctuations.

    1. Timeframe. The time interval for which the forecast is made. Periods of 1, 5, 15, and 60 minutes are available.
    2. Pivot Points. Show possible Support/Resistance levels.
    3. RSI. Helps to enter the market as accurately as possible, identifying overbought and oversold zones.
    4. CCI. Measures the strength of a price movement.
    5. Trends. Shows the strength and direction of the trend.
    6. Volatility. Shows the current market activity.
    7. Bulls&Bears. Shows the ratio of the forces of sellers and buyers in the market at the moment.
    8. Summary. Shows the current market sentiment in the form of a color scale.

Use the application settings to make the work of vfxAlert even more convenient and easier.

If you did not find your broker in the list, you can add it in the settings.
In the vfxAlert application, you can open any broker without restrictions.

Filter signals by assets, expiration, power, algorithm and create personal signal presets to receive only the necessary signals. Presets allow you to limit the number of signals according to the specified parameters, which helps the trader to better focus and make the right forecast.

Customize the quantity, type, and indicators on the dashboard as needed for your trading strategy.  The dashboard settings allow you to limit the number of indicators on the panel or the number of open dashboards in the application. Depending on the level of market volatility, additional indicators and their readings may distract the trader. 

Global updates to the vfxAlert application have also affected the web version of signals.
The browser version of vfxAlert app is no longer available due to the expansion of functionality that cannot be implemented in the browser.

If you have any questions about the application, please write to [email protected].

Free signals are available in the vfxAlert app. Check out the new version of vfxAlert now.
Download the vfxAlert app on your PC or smartphone:

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